Swiss Business Owner Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently an entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He is the co founder of a company called Swiss Startup Factory. His company helps a number of business owners get the help they need in order to reach their full potential. With Baur’s company, many entrepreneurs in Switzerland have been able to more easily accomplish their many goals. Along with being an entrepreneur, Mike has spent a number of years as an investor. He invested in many startup companies for ten years which gave him some valuable experience working with startup companies. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked in banking in which he would provide financial management and consultations to business customers.


One of the things that Mike has done in his career is help startup businesses get the financing they needed. He would help businesses accomplish this objective when he was working in the banking industry. Baur would meet with a number of entrepreneurs and help them finance their companies. Mike spoke to business owners face to face to discuss their needs as well as their business plans. After evaluating the business plan and situation that these entrepreneurs were in, Baur would approve of loans that would help them grow and expand on a regular basis.


After Mike worked in the banking sector for over two decades, he would begin a new venture which dealt with startups more directly. He would begin investing in startup companies. This allowed him to capitalize on the high profit potential of emerging companies. During his ten years as an investor, Baur would frequently receive high returns and make a considerable amount of money. As he did in the banking industry, Mike would evaluate the potential of various businesses and then invest in the ones that he believed would most likely make high profits and be successful companies.


Baur started up his own company Swiss Startup Factory after he spent a decade investing in startup companies. With Swiss Startup Factory, Mike is able to use his experience, knowledge and expertise to help businesses become successful. Swiss Startup Factory holds events on a regular basis in order to allow entrepreneurs to present their business ideas. Mike evaluates each idea and then decides on which ones to choose. Once a particular business is selected, it will get coaching and advice on how to reach their various goals. They will learn how to manage their finances, market their products and services and also further develop them.


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  1. One day I think that since in the history of the Swiss they love to trade and make deals, they will have to cede some of their currency. However shows that power structure will have to change for the better for more people as well. Even with such lofty ideas, people with power and valor will still maintain their status and respect in the coming worlds.

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