Learning From The Best: Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

A recruiter is a businessperson that works to fill job openings and occupations by searching the most talented people to fill these gaps. They always need a sense of experience to tell what candidates are being honest from who isn’t, as well as search for hidden talents that the company is looking. They review past experiences, accomplishments and make negotiations for the best interest of the enterprise. An Executive Recruiter with such skills is the newest Talent Acquirer for the Deutsche Bank: Julie Zuckerberg.


Julie Zuckerberg has been enjoying her newest position in one of the most internationally recognized banks, the Deutsche Bank, but she had a long career to get where she is now. As a person that had tons of experience as a recruiter for other companies, she knew that she couldn’t bypass the recruitment process without showing skills and a brilliant solution for the job she was applying. She would need dedication and great recommendations.


Her career began after her graduation in the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, in the School Of Philosophy. Her first job, already in the role of candidate placement for a company called Hudson, was already a big victory from someone that had just graduated. Staying five years with her team in Hudson, she would soon move to the Citi Enterprise, where she would skyrocket from a position to another in small periods of time.


In Citi, she worked for the Citi Global Consumer Bank, Citi Global Functions, and CitiCards in the recruitment team. There, she was both an advisor and the director of the team, teaching the knowledge she gathered from her five years in her former position, like what to account for when evaluating candidates and how to bargain the position based on their previous salary and position in the last company. Her excellent performance in her position led her to assume the role of Vice President of the office, fulfilling one of her milestones until that point.


She joined in 2007 and would stay with the Citi Global Consumer Bank until November 2013. She was looking to gather more experience for her career elsewhere.


She then joined the New York Life Insurance Company as a leader of the recruitment team and, later, the Vice President of the firm. She, however, stayed less than half a year, as she already had the opportunity to work somewhere where she would get many more chances to grow: The Deutsche Bank.


In the Deutsche Bank, Julie’s current position, she entered for the US Talent Acquisition role and assumed the leadership of the recruitment team, allowing her to commence her teachings all over again, helping the hiring community learn from the more experienced professionals. As both and advisor and a leader, she also handles the negotiation of Managing Director level offers for many sectors inside the multinational bank. She is responsible for both the coaching role of the younger recruits as well as the professional that creates strategies for marketing and recruitment to provide a particular job opening with the best candidates for that offer.