How Julia Jackson Found Success In The Wine Industry

In 2010, Julia Jackson became the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines. This vintner, located in the Sonoma region of California, was established by her father Jess Jackson over 30 years ago. Their wines are available across the United States and have several popular brands. Before becoming proprietor of the company, Julia Jackson earned a certificate in general management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also holds a bachelor’s degree that she earned at Scripps College.

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Some of the best wine produced at Jackson Family Wines are Cabernet blends. Julia says that her region in California, Sonoma, is the best place to grow this variety of grape. The blends that make use of Cabernet at Jackson Family Wines includes La Joie, La Muse, and Le Désir. All three of these wines have been acclaimed by wine critics and drinkers around the country.

Under Julia Jackson’s leadership, Jackson Family Wines produces a number of popular wines. Their most well-known wine is probably Kendall-Jackson. They have another flagship wine, Vérité, that is increasingly popular and has won in blind taste tests against far more expensive brands. Jackson Family Wines operates a number of estates in Sonoma that grow Cabernet grapes such as Freemark Abbey, Lokaya, and Cardinale.

As a successful businesswoman, Julia Jackson and her sister launched a charity organization. This organization, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, celebrates the accomplishments of women in both their personal lives and in the world of business. Each year they donate $100,000 in cash to a woman who is making a positive difference in the world. Julia has said that her industry is very male dominated and is often told she needs to act differently in order to fit in with her male counterparts. She and her sister started this charity in order to give recognition to woman who are successful and authentic.