How Securus Technologies Makes Prison Safety a Priority

When I began working as a corrections officer in our local prison, the violence was able to be contained quite easily because we had a smaller population of inmates. Today, gang members make up half of our population, and these inmates are some of the most violent I have ever seen in all my years on the job. To combat the issues, we have to be very aware of our surroundings and make certain that drugs stay far away from this facility. Drugs and inmates definitely do not mix!


In our efforts to keep drugs out of this jail, the first thing we do each morning is grab the drug dogs and do surprise cell inspections. This tactic will yield some contraband, but it is not our most powerful resource. Next, we will do full body searches of inmates and guests when it is visitation day. We make sure that nothing gets to the jail, and then nothing leaves that center and gets back to the cells. It is not an exact science, but it does yield more contraband than cell searches.


Securus Technologies builds inmate call monitoring systems that take the place of a team of officers that used to have to monitor these calls manually. Securus Technologies is a Texas based company that has over a thousand employees who have a single mission, making this world safer for each of us. My team was tutored on the LBS software, and we began to notice a huge difference in our efforts out of the gate.


That first day the software was monitoring calls, we discovered where an inmate was hiding drugs in his cell. We discovered how one inmate got drugs at the visitor center and stopped those meeting immediately. Each time we discover anything drug related, we have the ability now to take immediate action.


How National Steel Car Came to Be in Association with Gregory Aziz

It’s the heroic stories that keep us going. We learn from the successful people in our lives. From reading about them, we learn from their mistakes and know what our next step should be. We stay inspired and motivated. We know what to expect in our venture. Gregory Aziz’s story is one of this kind of stories.


Greg Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car Company. He made come true his dream of making this Canadian Company the most prestigious railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. He began by buying the National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco.


Gregory Aziz has cultivated the culture of working in unity in the company. It is through team building and substantial human and capital investment. He raised the car manufactured annually to 12000 in 1999 from 3500.His venture significantly added value to the society. The employment raised to 3000 from 600.


Gregory J Aziz efforts were rewarded. Today, the National steel company leads North Americas, engineering, and manufacturing company. The company continues to produce numerous amazing new railroad freight car each year. National Steel Company is the only company that holds ISO 9001:2008. The firm has had this honor for the past 18 years as a result of numerous rounds of recertification. From 1996, the National Steel Car has had the pleasure of receiving the TTX SECO, which is the most prestigious award.


National Steel Car, through the guidance of Gregory Aziz, has participated in philanthropic work. This is a very positive aspect of the CEO. Not a majority of people give back to the society after becoming successful. The company helps numerous charity homes. Find More Information Here.


Thousands of employees of the National Steel Car attend the Christmas party together with their children every year. These employees are both past and present laborers. Greg’s wife, Irene, also supports.


National Steel Company success is as a result of the cooperation and unity of the staff members. Their victory is equally celebrated by all members. The company has core values that they believe in and guide them. It’s their innovation and provision of quality products that have kept them in the market.


The company raises their bar constantly. They always aim to achieve higher. From their CEO, Gregory Aziz, the company has learned not to let their past success block them from future greatness. The good communication that they have created with everyone in their chain of production. Everyone from the suppliers to the consumers has been incredible.

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In The Top Lists of CEOs-Gregory Aziz

There is nothing that improves a company like good leadership. The CEO of a company is one major determinant factor of success. National Steel Car is an example of a company whose CEO has ensured it has remained at the top.

Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, the company has been in the market for more than ten decades. This is because of their commitment to providing quality products in both engineering and manufacturing. The company has been named as the North America’s number one railroad freight and tank car manufacturer.

The company has achieved this through unity and cooperation of their staff. Everyone finds pride in the success of the business. The firm is diverse, dynamic, and operate with high innovative ideas.

Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the company continuously upgrade their levels and goals. The firm understands the values and aims at staying top of their game. The National Steel Car people believe in surpassing the expectation of the rail industry. This is why the customers have learned to trust the company. National steel company always provides the best quality rail cars. The company has been awarded for its expertise multiple types, under Greg’s leadership.


A Highlight of Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz, the CEO, president and Chairman of National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario. The company deals with railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firms.

Gregory Aziz was born on April 30, 1949.He attended Ridley College. He later took an economics degree in University of Western Ontario. In 1971, Gregory joined the family business. After 16 years, the company improved and became the most prominent firm importing fresh fruits. Consequently, it also became the biggest exporting firm.

Greg James Aziz worked in many bank facilities in the 1980s and 1990s.In 1994 he finally organized the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. Visit This Page for more information.


Final Verdict

The CEO of a company is one of the determinants of a company’s success. National Steel Car Company is a living testimony.

Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, the revenue of the company has tremendously improved. Gregory’s virtues have contributed to the business being the lead firm in the industry.

With the virtues that the CEO has created in the company, it has the potential to have more successes. There have been able to pass the greatest challenge of not dwelling on their past victories. They understand they would end up being the source of their downfall.

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How Greg Aziz and National Steel Car Continue to See Growing Success

About National Steel Car

National Steel Car is North America’s leader in engineering and manufacturing. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario they are noted as an innovative leader in railroad freight car engineering as well as manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1912 and has been a consistent leader since its inception. Even during the depression era, National Steel Car turned to innovation to keep the company afloat, earning it the impressive title of being a top 3 rolling stock manufacturers for over 100 years.


Gregory J. Aziz’s Leadership Style

Greg James Aziz is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at National Steel Car. He has been with the company since 1994 and has climbed his way to the top in the truest sense of the word.

Greg is known as an innovative leader that is always open to change and consistently focuses on pushing National Steel Car forward as the engineering and manufacturing sectors evolve. His management style is one that promotes team work and a thriving company culture.


While under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company has been honored for 13 years in a row with the coveted TTX SECO award. This award means that they are the industry leader in steel car manufacturing for providing the highest quality of products.

Greg Aziz’s turn came to National Steel Car after working for his family’s company, which was a successful foods wholesaler. He worked briefly as a successful investment banker in New York City and he holds a degree from Western University in Economics.


The Importance of Philanthropy for National Steel Car

While National Steel Car has been an industry leader for several decades, they never rest on past accomplishments but are always focused on what is on the horizon. The rail care industry is evolving and by providing innovative services and an expanding suite of offerings, the company continues to push forward under Greg Aziz’s leadership.


Philanthropy and community involvement is at the heart of everything National Steel Car does. Gregory J Aziz is at the heart of that push for philanthropy. The employees work diligently within many charities in the Hamilton community to give back. They frequently participate in local school events, work with food shelters and support their employees’ personal charities of involvement. In addition, they provide generous sponsorship to local institutes like the Hamilton Opera and other charities. Visit This Page for more information.

Know Gregory Aziz in Depth

According to sources, April 30, 1949, was the day Gregory James Aziz was born. He is one of those people who knew the knowledge of business at a tender age. This happened because he used to help in food business which was being run by his family at that time. This family business operated for about 16 years. Much of its work was buying and distributing fresh food. This simple company was voted as the leading in importing that fresh food they were selling. This business targeted Canada and US. The imports were being taken from Europe. Through this simple business, Greg Aziz gained his life experience.

Gregory J Aziz invested in several places including the banking sector. Due to that, he got much capital which enabled him to buy the National Steel car from Dofasco. His education from the Western Ontario University did not go to waste. With his economics skills, he aimed at making National Steel car the best in N. America. With time, his dreams moved towards becoming a reality. Due to his popularity, he has a website where you can contact him directly.

In 1994, the long-awaited dream of Gregory James Aziz came to pass. He bought the National Steel car. This was the wisest step he made in his life. From the time he bought the company, every resource in the business was used accordingly. This led to the highest production ever made in the enterprise. His work was noted by employing new workforce and building a strong working team.

Due to National Steel cars abilities in engineering, Greg Aziz helped the company in increasing its employing and production rate. At the moment, this is the best and the leading in car manufacture and production. This is because, in one year, they can produce up to 12,000 cars and hire more than 2,500 workers. Read This Page for additional information.


Through the help of this influential man James Aziz, National Steel car is now the best car manufacturing company. As a CEO who went to school learned economics, Gregory James Aziz has seen the company move up the success ladder while competitors are watching. At the moment, the company is happy to show up with over 100 years of quality manufacturing in the industry. This is the only company which does not just produce cars. They do their work according to customer demands. They will always listen to all clients and do just as they need.


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