How Securus Technologies Makes Prison Safety a Priority

When I began working as a corrections officer in our local prison, the violence was able to be contained quite easily because we had a smaller population of inmates. Today, gang members make up half of our population, and these inmates are some of the most violent I have ever seen in all my years on the job. To combat the issues, we have to be very aware of our surroundings and make certain that drugs stay far away from this facility. Drugs and inmates definitely do not mix!


In our efforts to keep drugs out of this jail, the first thing we do each morning is grab the drug dogs and do surprise cell inspections. This tactic will yield some contraband, but it is not our most powerful resource. Next, we will do full body searches of inmates and guests when it is visitation day. We make sure that nothing gets to the jail, and then nothing leaves that center and gets back to the cells. It is not an exact science, but it does yield more contraband than cell searches.


Securus Technologies builds inmate call monitoring systems that take the place of a team of officers that used to have to monitor these calls manually. Securus Technologies is a Texas based company that has over a thousand employees who have a single mission, making this world safer for each of us. My team was tutored on the LBS software, and we began to notice a huge difference in our efforts out of the gate.


That first day the software was monitoring calls, we discovered where an inmate was hiding drugs in his cell. We discovered how one inmate got drugs at the visitor center and stopped those meeting immediately. Each time we discover anything drug related, we have the ability now to take immediate action.