All About Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a health and science company that creates products using advances in science and technology. Elysium was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, Director of Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging at MIT. This company works with world renowned scientists and clinicians to bring scientifically sound products to people. Elysium Health’s goal is help people live healthier lives.

Elysium Health uses a rigorous testing method for developing its products. The creation process begins with extensive research on the ingredients chosen for the product. Next, in the preclinical development phase, the scientist validates the current research and expands upon it in order to determine the development of an ingredient into a product. Then the ingredient is used in human clinical trials for safety and efficacy testing.

Elysium created a daily supplement called Basis, designed to support health at the cellular level. Basis is formulated to increases the NAD+ levels in human cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that exists in all living cells. NAD+ affects the health of cells. It’s used for the creation of energy, DNA maintenance, and circadian rhythm regulation. As humans age, their NAD+ levels tend to decline, thus affecting those essential functions. Basis proved to increase the levels of this coenzyme in human clinical trials.

Basis contains the ingredient Nicotinamide Riboside, a precursor to NAD+ that is used by the body to power metabolism. Basis also contains the ingredient Pterostilbene, a polyphenol that protects against internal and external stresses. Both ingredients are used to increase NAD+ levels and support cellular health.

What makes Basis Different?

Basis was formulated on over 25 years of prior research and is clinically proven to work. It was developed by world renowned scientists. Additionally, Basis is safe, containing no animal products or artificial colors or flavors, and is gluten free.


This product costs $60 per bottle when purchased individually, but is available at a lower cost with the purchase of multiple bottles or a subscription plan. Customers can receive the product for as low as $40 per bottle when they enroll in a one year subscription plan.

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