Jorge Moll vision of entrepreneurship management in health

During the Trends and Innovation seminars in Health sector, Jorge Moll among other prominent personalities in the health sector including president of FEHOSUL, Physician Chapchap and the Vice-president of the National Health Confederation. They discussed the trends in the health sector both

AvaTrade Review- Trading Platform Helping Beginners and Experienced Investors

As an investor working with online treading one needs the right tools as well as a reliable platform that can provide. AvaTrade is an inline trading platform that puts a strong emphasis on reliability as well as on education and training. The

The Valuable Membership & Tools of The Oxford Club

A recent report was made from Ask Reporter concerning trading and investment advice from The Oxford Club. A privately, global, entrepreneur and investor network, this organization uses investment principles and strategies that are unique and time-tested. With these strategies, anyone can outperform

Obsidian Energy Is A Growing Company With A Keen Eye On The Future

One of Canada’s leading oil and gas production companies, Obsidian Energy is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 1979, and previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., the intermediate-sized Obsidian Energy currently produces approximately 30,000 Barrel of Oil Equivalents per day.