The Contributions of Malcolm CasSelle in the Digital Industry

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is one of the decentralized
virtual marketplaces that is based on blockchain technologies and focuses on selling
and buying of video game merchandise. It uses a peer-to-peer network that
allows users to trade safely in its platform. WAX will create marketplaces for
video games, reduce the cost of transactions and equalize the profits obtained
by players. Tokenization will make it possible for people to own the virtual
assets and create an economy that can expand to acquire the physical assets.

WAX is the leading marketplace for video game assets and
offers WAX tokens that make it possible to exchange them with cryptocurrency. The WAX platform was developed by OPSkins
founders and has helped millions of players to buy or sell their video games.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of WAX and the
Chief Information Officer for the OPSkins Company. OpSkins is one of the
leading marketplaces where you can sell items obtained the online Video games. Before
his current role, he was the CTO and president of Tronc (formerly Tribune
Publishing) where he oversaw the rapid growth of digital assets He was the CEO
of Timeline Labs which offered solutions to companies that want to measure,
discover and display content based on the social signals.

Malcolm CasSelle has initiated several startups including
MediaPass which offers digital subscription solutions to media companies, Xfire
and a joint venture with Tencent Company based in China. Malcolm has also
invested in major companies such as Zynga and Facebook. He has also been interested
investing in the Bitcoin-related companies. He has served as a director in various
firms including Tencent and Capital Union Investments.

Malcolm CasSelle holds a computer science bachelor’s degree
from MIT n and a postgraduate degree from Stanford University in the same
field. He is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese Languages. Malcolm is a renowned entrepreneur
in the media industry.

US Money Reserve: Great For Investing

Investing can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are using your hard earned money to save for retirement. There are many options. Stocks, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrency are some of those options. But how can you be sure that you are choosing the correct option for you and your retirement? Some companies will tell you to buy to buy a certain asset, but how do you know that they are not just trying to take your money and run? This is where US Money Reserve comes in. They are a respected company that sells gold, silver, and other valuable assets. They are well known throughout the industry and are very well respected in providing these assets to investors for a fair and good price. Learn more:


US Money reserve offers gold and silver, two of the best assets an investor can have in their portfolio. Gold is known as one of the best assets to have to hedge against inflation and is a great asset to own in timers of economic uncertainty. This is really crucial to have in your portfolio because over time inflation will slowly take away the value of your currency. Use US Money Reserve to buy this asset so that your protocol has more security in it and so that you will have an asset that has a physical value to it that has been valuable for thousands of years.


US Money Reserve also really cares about the community. Because of the major hurricane season, US Money Reserve has donated over 200,000 dollars for the hiurricane relief effort. When you buy gold form this company, you can be assured that you are buying from a company that really cares about the community and really gives back to causes that you care about. This is really great considering the stigma in the financial industry because of the financial crisis.


In your portfolio, you need a set of assets that will surely go up over time. Gold and silver are two great options to have because they are a great hedge against inflation and are great in times of economic uncertainty. US Money Reserve is here to give you the assets you need to be sure that your assets are protected. They offer great customer service and a fair price so that you know that you are dealing with a respected and legitimate company when you want to spend your hard-earned money.

Igor Cornelsen is Leading Brazil Back to Economic Success

Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a leading Brazilian banker and financial advisor who has spearheaded investment strategies. He is the proprietor of Bainbridge, Inc. who helped to back Brazilian banks when the country was going through some economic turbulence. Brazil is now experiencing a good economic surge and Igor Cornelsen is leading the charge. He is inviting key players to partner with the country and invest in foreign property again. To help investors, Mr. Cornelsen is providing insight into the safe and proper way to avoid pitfalls and maximize your personal gains without taking too much risk.

Firstly, Mr. Cornelsen suggests that investors become familiar with Brazilian currency laws. Brazil has varied exchange rates and getting to know them would be advantageous. Also, an authorized bank for exchange transactions is required if you are not a resident or a local business. Next, Igor understands his native country and networking is vital to accomplish any investment transactions. He suggests that you establish local business relationships and begin networking.

Brazil is a country that has lots of focus aptitude business owners, especially those between the ages of 18 and 64 who are self-staring entrepreneurs. Brazilians want their country to be economically sound so they are eager to talk to people who want to invest in their homeland and who are ready to petition innovative ideas. Lastly, Igor Cornelsen said to be prepared for lots of governmental red tape.

The Brazilian government has been through a lot and the economy is coming back but it is still frangible, which is why there are many regulations to help protect its economy. Before you sign up to invest in Brazilian property, do your research to prepare yourself to avoid some regulations and to embrace others. Mr. Cornelsen’s investment firm is helping investors navigate the rocky economic waters in Brazil.

His success rate proceeds his reputation as a professional investor whose investment strategies yield great returns. Igor says that the Brazilian government carries a reputation for its stiff regulations but this is changing. Brazil is a worthwhile investment location but it can be a nightmare if you don’t work within and around their regulations and become familiar with exchange rate transactions. Mr. Cornelsen said that investors must make erudite decisions first and his firm is ready to help and guide investors through the lucrative Brazilian maze for greater returns.



Accomplishments of diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has is an accomplished diplomat for Israel. He is former ambassador appointed by Israel to represent the country in the United Kingdom. As an accomplished diplomat, Daniel Taub has assisted his country to establish strong ties with London. His accomplishments as an ambassador have been monumental. He served the country at a period when Israel was undergoing a serious crisis in the Middle East. Daniel Taub managed to navigate the diplomatic cause between the two countries at a very hard time, yet managed to perform, very well. His accomplishments are admired by many Jews living in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub tenure in the office of the ambassador was characterized by great achievement and a show of courage, he led his country in defying a ban that had been created by the MP for Bradford. He ensured the Jewish community was not denied the right of movement into the region. At the height of the ban, he traveled to the area. He described his visit as a demand by the people of the area.



Daniel Taub resisted any acts of discrimination. In another act where he demonstrated great leadership, he advised the administrations of various universities in the country not to subject student who had voted to boycott Israel. He said that every student has a right to be heard and that they should not be victimized based on the stand on any issue even if it affects Israel.



Daniel Taub greatest achievement in London was the ability to double trade between these two countries. By the time he was leaving office, the trade deals stood at $7 billion. This ushered in a new era of cooperation between the two countries. As described by the minister for business, innovation, and skills in the United Kingdom, this was a chance for the people of the two countries to enjoy a new golden era that would be marked by, more cooperation.



Daniel Taub also managed to help more Jews set up businesses in the country. He left office when Jewish owned business had increased to over 3000. The legacy of Daniel Taub will live long in the minds of the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom after he is gone. This is a community that benefited a lot from the works of Daniel Taub. In a farewell party that was organized to wish him goodbye, the Jewish community described him as the greatest diplomat in the history of the two countries.


The Achievements Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the most prominent names in the legal field. For more than two decades, Bruno Fagali has worked towards solving the business problems facing his clients in and out of the country.

Because of his consistent prowess in the legal industry, Bruno Fagali has gained a name as one of the most sought lawyers in the country. This has also prompted him to commence taking up on the corporate legal constrictions to achieve the desired goals at the end of the exercise. Bruno Fagali is also a well-known name in the field of law. Bruno Fagali has managed to form the Fagali Advocacy Company with the intention of solving the major criminal and legal cases in the country.

Read more: Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017

Bruno Fagali founded the Fagali Advocacy when he realized that the people needed to administer the best business solutions. The legal industry in Brazil has always benefited with the inventions coming from the Fagali Advocacy based in Sao Paulo. This is because this company borrows the management and legal accelerations emanating from its operations from other parts of the world. The Fagali Advocacy also has set foot in the United States taking on major legal cases in the industry. In 2016, Bruno Fagali was appointed as the Integrity Manager of the Nova Company based in Brazil.

For more than three decades of experience in the legal field, Bruno Fagali has gained legal practice in the areas such as electoral law, ethics, urban, administrative law, and the regulatory law. Bruno Fagali has many years of experience that curves between the various aspects of assimilation techniques. Bruno Fagali is also the proprietor of the Fagali Law Firm that serves in the capacity of the associated techniques. Bruno Fagali has always set his foot towards independent practices that assist in better business management practices.

His vast experience has propelled Bruno Fagali’s legal career. His experience also emanates from his passion in the legal field. This is why he advises the young attorneys to seek their passion when it comes to success. You will never succeed in practicing law if you are not looking towards better business solutions.

Visit for more information about Bruno Fagali.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp Takes Over as President after Many Years of Selfless Service

The oldest serving bank official in the world finally threw in the towel and opted to resign at the age of ninety-one years. The exit of Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao comes as a surprise since he served the bank as President for as long as many can remember. He gave the bank a total of 75 years of service. He will now be replaced by the current Chief Executive Officer Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp. The exit has already seen industry observers and investors speculate on the possible CEO replacements. Banco Bradesco has over the past several years developed a culture of picking executive officials from its talent pool. The strategy of tapping into its own human capital as opposed to looking elsewhere has been one of the secrets of Bradesco Bank’s growth.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp will now hold the two positions until a new Chief Executive Officer is appointed in March next year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp attempting to calm speculations indicated that the bank will follow a specified procedure that will take the next few weeks. In any case, we already know the next CEO will be one of the well-performing executive officers of the bank. This has however not stopped analysts from speculating. Some of the names thrown around as possible replacements include; Domingos Figueiredo Abreu the current head of the bank’s treasury, Mauricio Machado de Minas the head of IT, Josué Augusto Pancini the head of the bank branch network, Alexandre da Silva Gluher the chief risk officer, André Rodrigues Cano the head of human resource, and Octavio de Lazari who heads the bank’s insurance unit. The bank does not face any shortfall of talent in this case.

For the next months, however, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp will continue to juggle both responsibilities. Having risen through the ranks of Banco Bradesco, few people match his knowledge of the bank’s operations. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp started working as a bank teller for Bradesco when he was only eighteen years old in 1969. His rise up the ranks began soon after. He became branch manager after a few years, then moved on to be a district manager and a regional manager in a span of 15 years. He was then appointed the marketing director where he served for the 8 years leading to 1992.

By this time the Banco Bradesco had begun to tap Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp for strategic assignments. In 1992, he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Vida Previdencia a private pensions firm owned by the bank. Following successful growth at the Pensions Firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp was Elected Managing Director of Banco Bradesco in 1998 and a year later he became the Executive Vice President. In 2003, he was appointed the President of Bradesco Seguros which was composed of eight companies. It was here that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp proved that he was ready for even bigger responsibilities. Under his management, Bradesco Seguros grew astronomically doubling its size. He saw it grow its market niche to 25 percent of the Brazilian market. He guided the insurance company under Bradesco Seguros to become the largest in Latin America by market share.

When the bank was looking for its 4th President in 2009, it was inevitably natural that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Capp will be selected. Nobody had made more progress for the bank than he had done in a period of 40 years. As CEO of Bradesco, he navigated the bank through the financial crisis of 2008/2009. By 2015, the bank was healthy enough to take over HSBC Brazil. The takeover expanded Banco Bradesco’s market niche further. For more information visit:

Gregory Aziz’s Railroad Manufacturing Company

Gregory James Aziz is the current President of National Steel Car. He is also the Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer of the same organization. National steel car is one of the best railroad car engineering and manufacturing companies in Canada and the North American region as a whole.

The Canadian entrepreneur was born and raised in Ontario, London in 1949. He attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in Economics. Prior to studying at the university, he was a student at the Ridley College. He started his career life at Affiliated Foods, his family company that sells wholesale food.


Greg Aziz moved to the United States and was employed by numerous investment companies in the city of New York. He acquired capital and experience that made him acquire National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Dofasco is a steel company with headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. He developed the company and has made it one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars in the world. The manufacturing capacity of the company increased to 12,000 from 3,500 annually in five years. The expansion was aided by the professionals Greg employed to carry out the manufacturing process. The employees of the company increased from 600 to 3,000.

National Steel Car invents new models of railroad every year. The manufacturing company has received several awards under the admirable leadership of Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car was made the winner of the TTX SECO awards for it continued dominance in the industry for more than 13 years. The cars manufactured at the company are of top-notch quality and for this reason; their demands at the market are overwhelming. Click Here For Related Article.


Gregory James Aziz has led National Steel Car in giving back to the community. He is an active philanthropist in Hamilton. In the recent past, National Steel Car has funded several organizations carrying out good causes activities it has sponsored the Salvation Army, the Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Hamilton Opera organizations. He also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter with his wife Irene.


In order to foster unity and cooperation, National Steel Car organizes a Christmas party every year. The party is often attended by employees and ex-employees and their families. During the event, the attendees enjoy themselves through various activities. The employees also bond and learn few things from the ex-employees who left the company after serving for some time. Gregory J. Aziz lives in Hamilton with his family.


Gregory Aziz CEO National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the chairman, President and the CEO of the National steel car. It is one of the leading railroad freight cars and engineering company. The company is in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has experienced workers who are committed to delivering quality services to all the people. Services delivery is made a success under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. We are all aware that engineering fields are dynamic, and change is inevitable. Also, change is necessary for the engineering field. It is always good to embrace change in a positive way.



Additionally, technology must be used maximally to the advantage of the various stakeholders. Greg Aziz dramatically values the effort the effort of every employee of the national steel car. He understands that employees play a vital role in the success of any company. Apart from that, Gregory j Aziz is a humble leader who focuses on the crucial things that will benefit the company. Before venturing into the National steel car Greg James Aziz has been working in a family business. He would run the family business immediately after graduating from the university. View More Information Here.



Personal life



He lives in Toronto together with his wife Irene and their daughters Natalie and Karina. Apparently, their support for the Equestrian community is well known. Also, the family is actively involved in sports. It is evident because over the years they have supporting several different classes in Royal Winter and Fair Horseshow. From that, it is apparent that Greg Aziz is a family man who likes to involve his family in some of his activities.





James Aziz has been very instrumental in helping his community. His community commits a lot to the Hamilton community. It is seen through his activities of sponsoring Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and united ways. This is some of the organization that he has been sponsoring. Many of his current and past employees are involved in his charity work. He encourages the employees to participate in the National steel car food drive.



Additionally, his family sponsors the most significant agricultural fair. It is called the Royal Agricultural winter fair. He is a philanthropist who would like to see his society improving to greater heights. Moreover, he is much concerned about the future of the company and its philanthropic involvement. The company does not only focus on the past excellence but also the future.


DACA Members Finally have a Savior-Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Injustices and oppression are becoming the order of the day. Everyone globally is consciously ignoring human, civil and immigrants’ rights. People are now viewing it as normal. This is not acceptable. It is against the ethnicity laws. Many people don’t care because they are not the victims.

The philanthropists, however, believe that denying any person justice, is denying justice to the entire society. They have decided to make it their responsibility to restore the sanity that once existed in the society. Groups like Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been fighting to ensure that immigrants have a dignified life. They also advocate for freedom of expression.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was formed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This duo is renowned for fighting many battles in their career life. They are brave to expose the wickedness’s in the society regardless to the individual concerned.

The Frontera Fund began with the apprehension that they got from the court in the case against Sheriff Joe. This was after they wrote of his evil acts as the top page story of The New Times.

The villages were shocked when they saw the story. The sheriff was a much-respected personality in the society, and no one would have dared cross his path.

The Sheriff learned of their doing and reacted by arresting them. He then drove them to an unfamiliar location. The civilians protested demanding their release. As a result, they were released within 24 hours. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin later presented their case to court. The arrest was declared unlawful, and they got a compensation of $3.75 million.

The first beneficiaries were immigrants of the Arizona. The group now supports the humanitarians groups that share a common interest with them in Arizona and its vicinities. Currently, the organization has a very sensitive task. They are supposed to save the DACA Foundation from closing down.

The DACA Foundation is an organization that was formed with the aim of preventing the deportation of individuals who have been in the state for a long time. They are qualifications that one has to have to be taken in as a member.

This group gives the immigrant two more years in the country. What they decide to do with their time is their choice. The members are also given a chance to renew the membership in the case where they feel they haven’t completely achieved their goals. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The members are grieving after the Texas Attorney General ordered for the closed down of DACA. He allegedly accused the firm of not having met the legal documents.

Closing down the DACA Foundation would be tragic. This is because it currently has over 800000 members. The Frontera Fund has intervened to oversee the situation. They are to direct the DACA Foundation on the steps to follow to solve the problem permanently.

The DACA members are a bit relieved after this development. They are confident and hopeful that the Frontera Fund is going to save the DACA Foundation from closing down.

The Frontera Fund Reaches Out To The Afflicted In Arizona

In the past, people had rights by virtue of belonging in a certain group or family. It was because of such memberships that people were entitled to humanity. The era of Cyrus the Great set in a new ruling atmosphere that encompassed the conquering of Babylon.

It was at that era that the unexpected occurred. Cyrus allowed all slaves to go to their homes. He freed them on the basis of practicing humanity.

He also allowed people to settle for their choice of religions. Cyrus injected a new atmosphere into his land. According to most of what he stated, he was allowing people to live freely irrespective of their cultural differences, beliefs or life preferences.

Immediately, the Cyrus Cylinder was introduced. It was a tablet that contained his statements and beliefs on humanity. That marked the onset of human rights advocates.

Background information

After the declaration of human rights by Cyrus the Great, there was a convergence of nations. This meeting was marked by one agenda; to formulate and pass the human rights law. Most states approved of this step by initiating possible, acceptable policies that would govern the treatment of fellow human beings. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

It was at this juncture that there was a rule of thumb on how to treat fellow human beings. Do unto others as you would wish them to do to you was the first rule. Most people adopted it. Vastly, countries developed groups and associations that dealt with human rights. Some of these groups have been leading in championing reforms.

Human rights organization

One organization that has progressively fought for humanity and the rules controlling human rights is the Open Society Foundations. This organization is connected to over 150 charity organizations across the world.

With it is the agenda that controls how humans should be treated. Open Society Foundations believes that irrespective of a person’s culture or beliefs, humanity must prevail.

Frontera Fund

Another organization that has done a great job in ensuring that humanity prevails is the Lacey Frontera Fund. Like the name suggests, this foundation is owned by Michael Lacey in addition to Jim Larkin, two media people who were arrested for publishing articles that highlighted the plight of suffering detainees. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Under the custody of Sherriff Joe Arpaio, they were locked up for 24 hours. Their fans complained as it was illegal to lock them up on shallow grounds of reasoning. The duo had to be released at a settlement of $ 3.75 million. This money was directed to the Frontera Fund.