The Tips of Ted Bauman to Save Tax in Smarter Ways

The renowned editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman, recently talked about the smarter ways to save the tax. While the days are set for the IRS filings since 2018 is just at the doorstep, he provided ways to save maximum before the law changes next year. All of the tips he provided were legal and incorporated into the GOP’s federal income tax regulations. LLCs, S corporations, and partnerships are now allowed to deduct 20% of the profits from their personal taxes, which is slightly up from current 17% – a smarter way for people who are running such kind of businesses. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Bauman continued that people who are opting for prepaying some of the expenses in 2018 would help themselves to save their money from the hands of the government. This is especially useful to pay the property tax in advance and get the relief, however, this is not applicable in the case of local income tax or state tax. Donating more to charity before the deadline, December 31, is another option to save the funds. People who are transferring stocks to charity should transfer the most appreciated stocks get the highest tax claims. The taxpayers can also look for the options of paying any outstanding student loans as well as prepaying mortgage interest for next year.

Ted Bauman also thinks that prepaying any medical expenses, like scheduled procedure, which are due to be incurred in 2018. Taxpayers who are living in states that are charging sales tax in advance on vehicle purchases can buy it before 2017 ends and get it into the itemized deductions of 2017 tax filing. Similarly, people who live in California or New York can move some of their future earning to the current year considering there is a cap of $10,000 SALT tax from next year. People who are expecting an annual bonus in the initial months of 2018 can request the employers to pay it in December. Taxpayers who are retainers or consultants can request their clients make some prepay for future invoices to improve 2017 earnings. Check this article at about Ted Bauman

Since Ted Bauman started collaborating with Banyan Hill in 2013, he is the editor of his own investment advisory newsletter called The Bauman Letter. Apart from that, he is also the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, a newsletter that advises the best stocks in the market, as well as Plan B Club. Bauman is credited with helping people to live a sovereign life through quality investments by avoiding corporate greed as well as governmental oversight.


The Contributions of Malcolm CasSelle in the Digital Industry

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is one of the decentralized
virtual marketplaces that is based on blockchain technologies and focuses on selling
and buying of video game merchandise. It uses a peer-to-peer network that
allows users to trade safely in its platform. WAX will create marketplaces for
video games, reduce the cost of transactions and equalize the profits obtained
by players. Tokenization will make it possible for people to own the virtual
assets and create an economy that can expand to acquire the physical assets.

WAX is the leading marketplace for video game assets and
offers WAX tokens that make it possible to exchange them with cryptocurrency. The WAX platform was developed by OPSkins
founders and has helped millions of players to buy or sell their video games.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of WAX and the
Chief Information Officer for the OPSkins Company. OpSkins is one of the
leading marketplaces where you can sell items obtained the online Video games. Before
his current role, he was the CTO and president of Tronc (formerly Tribune
Publishing) where he oversaw the rapid growth of digital assets He was the CEO
of Timeline Labs which offered solutions to companies that want to measure,
discover and display content based on the social signals.

Malcolm CasSelle has initiated several startups including
MediaPass which offers digital subscription solutions to media companies, Xfire
and a joint venture with Tencent Company based in China. Malcolm has also
invested in major companies such as Zynga and Facebook. He has also been interested
investing in the Bitcoin-related companies. He has served as a director in various
firms including Tencent and Capital Union Investments.

Malcolm CasSelle holds a computer science bachelor’s degree
from MIT n and a postgraduate degree from Stanford University in the same
field. He is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese Languages. Malcolm is a renowned entrepreneur
in the media industry.

AvaTrade Review- Trading Platform Helping Beginners and Experienced Investors

As an investor working with online treading one needs the right tools as well as a reliable platform that can provide. AvaTrade is an inline trading platform that puts a strong emphasis on reliability as well as on education and training. The online trading platform was created to be suitable not only for experienced online traders but for beginners as well.

There is a vast number of features and services that make the online trading platform if AvaTrade beneficial to use. The platform is dedicated to Forex trading, or foreign exchange market, as well as to CDFs trading. AvaTrade is a regulated trading broker which makes it safe to use, and it also eliminates potential illegalities. Another advantage of this online trading platform is that AvaTrade provides you with information on the latest changes in the Forex market while you are away. As the foreign exchange market is changing just about constantly, investors need to stay informed about the activity in order to make better and more informed decisions.

Speaking of better decisions, AvaTrade offers a vast amount of educational resources a well as training. The online trading platform puts a strong emphasis on h=how important education is for every investor. There is a wide range of terminologies and strategies as well as general skills that every investor has to master in order to be profitable in the world of online trading. AvaTrade offers a set of resources called Sharp Trader. That is where users can find all the information they need laid out in a comprehensive way for beginners and it is also a fast way for experienced investors to brush up on some knowledge.

One of the possibly most practical and helpful features of the AvaTrade platform is that it creates a trading plan for each of its users. The platform uses the amount of money that the user is going to be spending and willing to risk on the market and then adjusts the actionable plan according to their goals for reward. This is highly beneficial especially for starting investors as it can provide them with some direction.