Accomplishments of diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has is an accomplished diplomat for Israel. He is former ambassador appointed by Israel to represent the country in the United Kingdom. As an accomplished diplomat, Daniel Taub has assisted his country to establish strong ties with London. His accomplishments as an ambassador have been monumental. He served the country at a period when Israel was undergoing a serious crisis in the Middle East. Daniel Taub managed to navigate the diplomatic cause between the two countries at a very hard time, yet managed to perform, very well. His accomplishments are admired by many Jews living in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub tenure in the office of the ambassador was characterized by great achievement and a show of courage, he led his country in defying a ban that had been created by the MP for Bradford. He ensured the Jewish community was not denied the right of movement into the region. At the height of the ban, he traveled to the area. He described his visit as a demand by the people of the area.



Daniel Taub resisted any acts of discrimination. In another act where he demonstrated great leadership, he advised the administrations of various universities in the country not to subject student who had voted to boycott Israel. He said that every student has a right to be heard and that they should not be victimized based on the stand on any issue even if it affects Israel.



Daniel Taub greatest achievement in London was the ability to double trade between these two countries. By the time he was leaving office, the trade deals stood at $7 billion. This ushered in a new era of cooperation between the two countries. As described by the minister for business, innovation, and skills in the United Kingdom, this was a chance for the people of the two countries to enjoy a new golden era that would be marked by, more cooperation.



Daniel Taub also managed to help more Jews set up businesses in the country. He left office when Jewish owned business had increased to over 3000. The legacy of Daniel Taub will live long in the minds of the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom after he is gone. This is a community that benefited a lot from the works of Daniel Taub. In a farewell party that was organized to wish him goodbye, the Jewish community described him as the greatest diplomat in the history of the two countries.