Matt Badiali- Making a Brighter Future for Tomorrow

When it comes to Matt Badiali he is known for having a very go-anywhere, hands-on, talk to anyone personality when it comes to his research and investment prospects. Through his work, he has been able to go to Iraq, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and many more locations all across the world. Along with all of his other visits he has been able to visit multiple mines and oil wells located across the world. His main saying is that you can not really know what exactly is going on in a business unless you go and see it for yourself.

Currently, Matt Badiali is working for Banyan Hill Publishing as being their Senior Editor. Before he went to work for their company he was a consultant at an environment company and a geologist at a drilling company. Matt began his career after he obtained his Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University and his B.S in Earth Science at Penn State University. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook

Most recently Matt has been able to write an article about silver and how it is one of the metals that people need to take a look at during 2018. He went on to talk about how the price of silver has risen 10% amazingly in the past 3 weeks. The price of silver was said to have only gone up by 4% in 2017 but is said to be one of the main metals to watch during 2018. It is stated that compared to Platinum and gold, silver is said to be a good bit more volatile. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali’s recent article is one of the examples of just how much in-depth he really likes to get into his work. He loves to take all of his knowledge that he gained during his time of being a geologist and combine it with all of his training that he has as being an investor to help him uncover great profits. By doing just this he has been able to help many companies, plus have been able to uncover the potential and health of multiple companies. He is hoping to continue his work and help as many companies as he can.

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The Tips of Ted Bauman to Save Tax in Smarter Ways

The renowned editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman, recently talked about the smarter ways to save the tax. While the days are set for the IRS filings since 2018 is just at the doorstep, he provided ways to save maximum before the law changes next year. All of the tips he provided were legal and incorporated into the GOP’s federal income tax regulations. LLCs, S corporations, and partnerships are now allowed to deduct 20% of the profits from their personal taxes, which is slightly up from current 17% – a smarter way for people who are running such kind of businesses. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Bauman continued that people who are opting for prepaying some of the expenses in 2018 would help themselves to save their money from the hands of the government. This is especially useful to pay the property tax in advance and get the relief, however, this is not applicable in the case of local income tax or state tax. Donating more to charity before the deadline, December 31, is another option to save the funds. People who are transferring stocks to charity should transfer the most appreciated stocks get the highest tax claims. The taxpayers can also look for the options of paying any outstanding student loans as well as prepaying mortgage interest for next year.

Ted Bauman also thinks that prepaying any medical expenses, like scheduled procedure, which are due to be incurred in 2018. Taxpayers who are living in states that are charging sales tax in advance on vehicle purchases can buy it before 2017 ends and get it into the itemized deductions of 2017 tax filing. Similarly, people who live in California or New York can move some of their future earning to the current year considering there is a cap of $10,000 SALT tax from next year. People who are expecting an annual bonus in the initial months of 2018 can request the employers to pay it in December. Taxpayers who are retainers or consultants can request their clients make some prepay for future invoices to improve 2017 earnings. Check this article at about Ted Bauman

Since Ted Bauman started collaborating with Banyan Hill in 2013, he is the editor of his own investment advisory newsletter called The Bauman Letter. Apart from that, he is also the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, a newsletter that advises the best stocks in the market, as well as Plan B Club. Bauman is credited with helping people to live a sovereign life through quality investments by avoiding corporate greed as well as governmental oversight.