You may be surprised by how your energy bill is higher than your expectation. You wonder just how you can make the energy bill manageable. It is possible by considering the household gadgets hidden costs. It is important to note that devices plugged in use energy regardless of whether they are in use or not (GazetteDay). The energy may not be much but accumulates over time.


For instance, it is possible to save a dollar by just shutting off the coffee maker, printer computer screen, and game console energy. You can gain up to $35.80 savings a year through cutting the power to the DVR whenever it is not in use. Imagine this, saving $130 annually from the entire entertainment system.



Diligence is paramount to earn back the money from the phantom drain. Saving is possible by batching all gadgets on to power strips and shutting them down when not in use. It is important to acquire an energy-monitoring tool to keep an eye on the energy spending. A Resident of the Lone Star State can get the Smart Meter Texas and the rest get the Your Weekly Energy Report in the inbox, darkness will be outdated.


About the Stream Energy Company

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is an energy provider company with various affordable plans and products matching one’s lifestyle and budget. They offer innovative tools to help manage the usage of natural gas and electricity. Stream Energy Headquarters are in Dallas. Their energy services are available currently in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Washington, D.C, Georgia, Illinois and New York but the rest of the services are nationally available.


Stream Energy Services

  • Energy Services– They offer innovative tools to assist in managing the usage of natural gas and electricity that are affordable and reliable.
  • Wireless Services– Stream Energy help one stay connected with cell coverage nationwide with unlimited data options powered by the latest 4G LTE network ( Their affordable wireless plans to suit your budget.
  • Protect Services– They offer convenient quality healthcare with a comprehensive line of services to protect one from the unexpected. They include identity protection and roadside assistance.
  • Home Services– they connect the home with Digital Voice for clear calling adding to mobile and landline connectivity.