Dr. Mark Holterman: An experienced surgeon

Mark Holterman, MD, has twenty-nine years of experience as a pediatric surgeon. Holterman has received the award of being “America’s Top Doctor” eight times in the last decade. In addition to being one of the best doctors in the US, he also is a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

Holterman graduated, with honors, from Yale University in 1980 with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. He later went on to obtain his Ph.D. and MD degrees from the University of Virginia in 1988. Currently, Dr.Holterman practices medicine in Illinois, and he is affiliated with many hospitals in the state.


Dr.Holterman’s areas of expertise include

Biliary atresia

Neonatal medicine

Liver transplants

Short bowel syndrome

Minimally invasive surgeries


Holterman’s skill set stretches far beyond those five things listed above; he is also board-certified to perform surgeries on both children and adults (http://reporterexpert.com/dr-mark-holterman-fights-childhood-obesity-chicago/). Being board-certified means that the doctor is more likely to have the most current skills and knowledge about how to treat various medical conditions.

Holterman is highly involved and respected in the medical community. As an active medical researcher, Dr. Mark Holterman has given presentations and co-written medical texts on such topics as bariatric surgery, and cellular therapy. He has also co-founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies(AACT). The AACT advocates for the widespread use of stem cells to treat patients with degenerative diseases. Dr.Holterman also serves on their board of directors.

Recently, Holterman received the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetic Association(ADA) (AliveNewspaper). The award comes with some serious funding to further his research for several years. Holterman doesn’t use his medical experience for the benefit of people only in Illinois; he also supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN. The IPSAC-VN is a non-profit organization that helps to bring medical equipment and staff to the rural, hard to reach areas of Vietnam.

Jorge Moll vision of entrepreneurship management in health

During the Trends and Innovation seminars in Health sector, Jorge Moll among other prominent personalities in the health sector including president of FEHOSUL, Physician Chapchap and the Vice-president of the National Health Confederation. They discussed the trends in the health sector both internationally and nationally and their impacts on the hospital management.

Jorge Moll, the chairman of the D’Or Sao Luiz Board of Directors, founded the network and heads 32 hospitals began the seminar discussing the history of the system as starting as an examination unit to a large number of hospitals. They carried out tests in Rio de Janeiro which is a significant institution dealing with similar tests as starters.

Rio de Janeiro was the center of medicine in Brazil in the early 1980s and late 1970s. SUS removed the identity of existing hospitals later hence lacking diagnoses of services (http://www.diasdacruz.org.br/tag/dr-jorge-moll-neto/). Moll did not relent instead, believed Rio de Janeiro was a big city thus needed a network of hospitals that extend its services to diverse areas of the population. The institutions of the system due to the will of Moll, began to be built among them being Copa D’Or, Quinta D’Or, and Barra D’Or.

He experienced a severe beginning but never got discouraged. Instead, he presented the Total Health Management model to the public as an alternative to the better off operators (ResearchGate). He aimed at providing cheaper health services as well as prevent wastage of healthcare intending to help renowned health care providers who support their sector. Through entrepreneurs who are profit-oriented, he bore the idea of this brokerage knowledge in their project.

The purpose, therefore, of the network and a brokerage firm was to help the workers to learn more about patients’ treatments and hospital paths of growth from clinics to high ranks. According to the businessman, he intends to make loyal patients through an improved medical service provider of the hospitals as well as the use of internal medical auditors, use of DMI, and high cost managed procedures, and use of professionals. He finalized his speech by mentioning that the guideline in the management of hospitals ought to be quality based.


Healthy and Efficient: Meet Waiakea Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will be making it on the Inc. 5000 list this year alongside other fast-growing companies subject to its remarkable upswing in revenue collection over the last three years. Currently holding the 414th position on the list, the alkaline water company has made its name as a first of its kind in the bottled water industry. On October 10th, 2017, Waiakea will be honored alongside other excelling companies like Microsoft in California at the Inc. 5000 conference. The conference has for long existed to appraise fast-growing private companies in America annually in terms of revenue turnover and seeks to recognize teamwork, dedication, and quality management of companies as expressed by their numbers in the bank.

Waiakea Bottled Water was established in 2012 after the founder and current CEO, Ryan Emmons, discovered a favorable business niche while on vacation with his family. The naturally alkaline water is the first to hit the market and is highly recommended for the innumerable health benefits realized from its minerals. Sourced from the Mauna Loa Volcano peak, the water is packed with minerals that give it that unique sweet taste.

Waiakea was founded on a mission to provide the people with an efficient product through efficient means for efficient purposes. In actualizing this, the company has gone the extra mile on operating at carbon-free means by partnering with other bodies like CarbonNeutral and Econometrica to come up with a biodegradable packaging for its product. This will go a long way in promoting the green initiative by companies globally.

Waiakea also partners with Pump Aid to provide clean water to needy parts of Africa as part of giving back to the society by donating over 5% of the company’s revenue to this course. Emmons believes that in business, one ought to factor the society in as well. His company is a true reflection of positive industrialization and continues to influence the world of business in admirable ways. Even after receiving numerous awards in its line of work, Waiakea remains goal oriented and strives to become the best bottled water company in America now and a long time to come.

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