Copa Star Hospital Features Revolutionary Technology for Modern Treatment


The word hospital is usually associated with dull, unfriendly environment surrounded by depression. This is different with Copa Star Hospital. Geographically situated in Brazil, the hospital has a unique infrastructure made to cater for patients with special needs and high profile. Copa Star is an exclusively differentiated hospital offering a lot of comfort for patients. It has a five-star hotel featuring privileged architecture and location. The hospital has a selected team qualified to provide personalized care to patients. The health professionals in this hospital are trained to commit their time and resources to patient’s health. At Copa Star, all members work as a team to ensure patient’s wellbeing. The facility is the best option for those with the need to utilize modern medical technology. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Comprehensive Care

Hospital Copa Star specializes in providing comprehensive medical care with innovative techniques and modern technology. The doctors in the hospital have skills in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. The hospital rooms have been prepared with revolutionary medical equipment. The facility features modern operating rooms, hybrid rooms, and neurosurgery rooms. It also comes with robotic equipment and resonance imaging equipment for an in-depth x-ray. Copa Star is a complete medical facility for doctors and caregivers.

Service Integration

Because it is a large hospital, Copa Star offers comprehensive care with integrated technology and innovative flows. The hospital is designed with an integrated focus on the patients, families, and doctors based on international levels. Copa Star features a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, trained through several hours of coaching and improvement. The result of the training is best patient care. The hospital lobby features grand entertainment with a piano, lavish sofas, and Japanese artwork by Yutaka Toyota. The five-star dining area in the hospital is headed by Rolland Villard, the Sofitel head chef in Brazil. Copa Star Hospital can easily be confused with a five-star restaurant because of the beauty in architecture.


With the effort to accentuate the hospital rooms with warmth, the construction features natural lighting which radiates in all rooms. The hospital displays over two hundred Toyota pieces. The ICU features curious novelty. Unlike in the general hospitals where critically ill patients are isolated from the world, Copa Star gives its patients a chance to interact with the outside world through video technology. When patients are isolated from the real world, they stand a high risk of developing confinement syndrome. This is usually triggered by the patient’s inability to differentiate day from night. With the help of Paulo Niemeyer, who assisted with the planning, of the hospital, most ICU patients at Copa Star can easily differentiate day from night. According to reviews and reports by the hospital’s representatives, there are high chances of another Copa Star hospital opening Brasilia. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.