The Ripple Effect and how it Relates to Our Lives

Living Through Wisdom is one of the classes being offered through the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. In this class, we learn valuable tools we can all apply to our lives.

One of these tools the Kabbalah Center tries to impress upon us the idea of the ripple effect. Some of you may already have some idea of what the ripple effect is. Some of you may not. Let us take the basic idea of the ripple effect and apply a deeper meaning to it.

The Ripple Effect

We all know what it is like to feel bad and be treated badly. Sometimes a co-worker is rude to us for no reason. Sometimes a neighbor is snide to us. Sometimes we get the snide behavior in our own home. A family member can treat us bad for no reason whatsoever.

According to the Kabbalah Center, the opposite can be true too. When we are met with a friendly grin or handshake it makes us smile. We go about the rest of our day feeling great.

In the Kabbalah Center, you learn that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Each of these actions plants a seed for the future, according to the Kabbalah Center. Many of us understand this on a basic level. Try to understand this on a deeper level. We have the power to impact our own lives, as well as others.

Say someone is mean to you, like in the first situation. That does not mean you go out of your way to be mean to someone else. It can be challenging, depending on the situation. Some have this idea of an eye for an eye.

“He was mean to me, so I am going to return the favor. It is his fault I am being mean to someone else anyway”.

Try the opposite approach. Take a bad situation and turn it into something positive. Your kind words to someone else can turn the initial negativity around. Try to take into consideration the person’s views. Try to imagine yourself with the shoe on the other foot. Maybe you caught the person on a bad day. There are a million reasons why the person may have been mean to you. It is not actually your fault. The bad vibes they put out have nothing to do with you. It has to do with their ego and their karma, not yours.

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It is up to you to create your own light and share it with the world. The more you plant positive seeds with your interactions, the more light you will be putting out.

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