How Greg Aziz and National Steel Car Continue to See Growing Success

About National Steel Car

National Steel Car is North America’s leader in engineering and manufacturing. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario they are noted as an innovative leader in railroad freight car engineering as well as manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1912 and has been a consistent leader since its inception. Even during the depression era, National Steel Car turned to innovation to keep the company afloat, earning it the impressive title of being a top 3 rolling stock manufacturers for over 100 years.


Gregory J. Aziz’s Leadership Style

Greg James Aziz is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at National Steel Car. He has been with the company since 1994 and has climbed his way to the top in the truest sense of the word.

Greg is known as an innovative leader that is always open to change and consistently focuses on pushing National Steel Car forward as the engineering and manufacturing sectors evolve. His management style is one that promotes team work and a thriving company culture.


While under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company has been honored for 13 years in a row with the coveted TTX SECO award. This award means that they are the industry leader in steel car manufacturing for providing the highest quality of products.

Greg Aziz’s turn came to National Steel Car after working for his family’s company, which was a successful foods wholesaler. He worked briefly as a successful investment banker in New York City and he holds a degree from Western University in Economics.


The Importance of Philanthropy for National Steel Car

While National Steel Car has been an industry leader for several decades, they never rest on past accomplishments but are always focused on what is on the horizon. The rail care industry is evolving and by providing innovative services and an expanding suite of offerings, the company continues to push forward under Greg Aziz’s leadership.


Philanthropy and community involvement is at the heart of everything National Steel Car does. Gregory J Aziz is at the heart of that push for philanthropy. The employees work diligently within many charities in the Hamilton community to give back. They frequently participate in local school events, work with food shelters and support their employees’ personal charities of involvement. In addition, they provide generous sponsorship to local institutes like the Hamilton Opera and other charities. Visit This Page for more information.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – Mexico’s Best

Government Media

Government tolerance of the Mexican press’s freedoms varies according to many sensitivities of its president. Traditionally, the media avoids direct criticism of any incumbent president. On sensitive issues that affect the government, the press will only provides minimal coverage. Among many unwritten rules lies one which states that journalists must respect the image of their president and all other government officials.

In essence, these government policies may be criticized, yet the elected individuals must never be ridiculed. Since the early ’80s, the trend toward more open political debates has further brought greater tolerance of criticisms in the media. Some argue that such tolerance, which has occurred even faster than the increasing political system’s democratization, has greatly contributed to an increased public awareness of the need to change within the Mexican political system.

Mexican TV is quite biased toward its official party, as shown by the open support that some networks give to the government. Televisa, a great channel, is a healthy part of the Mexican Telesystem – or Telesistema Mexicano – and is considered by true experts to be the biggest global communications conglomerate and one of our world’s major transnational media leaders.

Mexico City runs 15 newspapers; its dailies cover more than 50 percent of all national circulation. In 1994, only eight newspapers in Mexico had daily circulations of more than 100,000 issues. These were Esto, La Prensa, Novedades, Ovaciones, El Heraldo de México, Excélsior, El Financiero, and El Universal. Excélsior’s the most prestigious national daily provider and also one of the most prominent papers in all of Latin America; it’s known mainly for its breadth of coverage, its analytical style, and its relative independence. The oldest of all traditional Mexican newspapers is El Universal, which has been closely associated with the country’s government ever since the 1970s.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is one of the best leaders. He is a media expert. He is a proud Mexican.

He is also a qualified news expert. As VP of Grupo Televisa, he has done it all. Grupo Televisa is one of the best.

The Results of Paul Mampilly’s Ambition

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He later began his career in the year 1991 at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant with at least 25 years of experience in the world of investments. Paul later started managing multimillion dollar accounts at ING and Bankers Trust. Mr. Mamphily received his MBA from Fordham University located in New York in the year 1996. He has worked for a continuous 25 years with direct contact to various companies before retiring in his 40’s.

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